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Barron 200W Emergency Power Station

Barron 200W Emergency Power Station

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200W Emergency Power Station BT7286 Black STD
Complete Overload Protection
1 x 3 in 1 Charging cable Included
LED COB light
Weight: 1.80kg
Size: 205 x 105 x 175 mm
Type C: PD 24W 5V3A/9V2A/12V2A
USB3: QC3.0 18W 5V3A/9V2A
USB1+USB2: 5V 3A
DC Outputs: 2 x 12 V 10A
AC Output: 220-240 V 50 Hz
Peak Output Power: 400 W
Rated Output Power: 200 W
Input: 15 V 2 A
Battery Capacity: 11.1 V 15 000mAh (166.50 WH) Lithium Ion

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